Make a return

You can easily return or exchange your items from The cost is 54 SEK. and you can pay with card.

Kindly note that the following terms apply when both returning or exchanging items.

We do not accept returned items if they:
- Smell strongly of perfume or other odors
- Have been exposed to smoke
- Have been washed
- Have animal hair on them

You have a full 14 days in which to return purchased items. If this period is exceeded, we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges.

It is only possible to exchange to a product with similar or cheaper price than the returned product. In case this is desired, please make a return for refund and order the desired product instead.

Please follow the link below to properly return your items:


If you have a product with a production error, please send a mail to containing pictures showcasing the problem.

You will then be informed of the potential further process concerning your inquiry.